SteelTech provides the following services, for customer pick-up or delivery to site.

Rebar Cut & Bend

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At SteelTech, our facility will cut and bend reinforced steelbar according to the specifications required. It is the most effective and efficient means to provide construction materials to site, ready to install. There is reduced waste of materials and savings on reduced fixing time. Although some companies do the cut and bend operation at site, it is inefficient and inaccurate, thus producing more material waste and longer construction schedules. For more information, contact us.

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Watch how we cut and bend rebars

Supply of Reinforced Steel Bars (Rebars)

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Our customers have the option to supply rebar to the facility, or we can source and supply the rebar requirements at a competitive price in line with local market conditions. If you are looking for a rebar supplier in Bahrain, contact us
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Fabrication of Pile Cages


SteelTech fabricates pile cages for delivery to site, ready to use. Like all our services, this is a much more efficient means for construction. Traditional on-site methods of using manual wire tied joints are less economical and highly labor intensive. For more information, contact us.