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Our full automated rebar cut and bend facility has a processing capacity of 2,000 Tons per month. SteelTech offers the following services:Sourcing and supply of steel rebar, rebar cut and bend, fabrication of pile cages.

SteelTech – Corporate structure/ Governance

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SteelTech Machines:


BAR WISER 26 + Dual Rebar Processor

BAR WISER 26 is an extremely powerful profiling- stirrup bending machine with two bending heads to machine steel rods from bars. It has a machining capacity of up to 26 mm Ø single (#8), 20 mm Ø double (#6) or 12 mm Ø triple (#4). BAR WISER 26 is so flexible and powerful and is particularly suitable for medium- to large-sized profiling centers as a substitute for the more traditional cutting bench and bending robot or, in general, centers whose aim is sorting onboard the machine. Thanks to the optional storage carriage, bars and profiles of different diameters and dimensions can automatically be classified. The carriage is automatically controlled by the machine control software.


ROBOMASTER 45 – Multi-Shape Rebar Bender

The Robomaster shaping centres allow fully automatic 4- directions bending and the production of any type of shapes, including those with positive and negative bends. Moreover, the bar holding clamps allow independent operations of the two bending units assuring save of time during the production of shapes. It is equipped with a wide feeding track consisting of motorised and rubber-coated rollers, bar loaders and unloaders, 2 bending units, one fixed and one mobile, 2 bending units, one fixed and one mobile, one stop plate for zeroing the bars for each bending unit, and ejection cylinder to remove the tools from the toothed part.

Capacity with split formers: n° 1 bar Ø 36mm (1 #11); n° 2 bars Ø 28mm (2 #9); n° 3 bars Ø 22mm (3 #7).

Capacity with mandrel (optional): n° 1 bar Ø 40mm (1 #11); n° 2 bars Ø 32mm (2 #10); n° 3 bars Ø 26mm (3 #8).



BAT + FERRIERA cutting bench is a highly productive machine, the ideal solution for large numbers of small-sized orders. With 6 different chambers to optimize processing of small orders it is especially designed for processing housing material. It is ideal for residential applications.


PRIMA 12 – Coiled Rebar

Bi-directional automatic stirrup bender produces stirrups and cut-to-size bars using wires of up to Ø 13 mm or double Ø 10 mm. It is equipped with wire inlet unit and offers all the advantages of ‘Sapiens technology and digital servomotors.  Maximum  pulling speed is 130mt/min.