SteelTech Co WLL is now in full operation in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with its  state of the art, fully automated rebar cut and bend facility. SteelTech provides cut and bend services, whereby steel rebar is prefabricated into  any shape and length according to customer specification, saving time and cost as compared to cutting rebar manually. Our facility is located in Askar, across from ALBA and has a processing capacity of 2000 Tons per month.

SteelTech Services

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Advantages of Using SteelTech Production Methodology

Bahrain Metal Rebar Size and Angle Detailing The project manager has to do micro-management from understanding the BBS to instructing the laborers on the required quantity, measurement, angle of bend and production schedule for the cut and bend shapes. Identifying the technical details is done on the computer and fed into machines to get accurate shapes and sizes of cut and bend products.
  • Computerized
  • Uniformed
  • Automated
bahrain steel iron Cutting and Bending Cutting and bending is done manually hence bringing in inefficiencies. The length of reinforced steelbar is manually measured providing a higher chance of inaccuracy. The cut is forcibly done and would not be clean and hence quality is compromised at every stage.   Rebar is sheared through a shearing system which measures the length to be cut accurately. The shearing mechanism is an instant one that gives a clean finish to the cut rebar. The angles at which rebar have to be bent is internally controlled by the machine providing accurate bend angles.
  • Fast and Accurate
  • Delivery Flexibility
  • Safe and Simplicity
bahrain Quality Iron Product Consistency Rebar received would go through quality checks, and the quality of rebar may not be consistent due to multiple vendors. All you need to do is call our tech-office and place your order on the basis of your BBS and rest of the steps are internally managed by our engineers.
  • Consistent Rebar
  • Quality and Results
Metal Bahrain Supplier Inventory Management The rebar, once received, goes through the inventory management rigor of accounting at each stage of usage.. The inventory of SteelTech rebar is internally buffered and managed by the system.
  • Computerized Inventory
  • Ease in Accounting and Stocking
Steel Bahrain Metal Supplier Wastages and Scrap Disposal Manually cut and bent rebar does not come in the required and accurate sizes. Disposal of scrap generated during cutting and bending is an extra hassle and cost. Availability of raw material in different sizes and an accurate and optimized production process ensures minimal wastage and hence doing away with disposal of scrap.
  • No Waste
  • Lower Cost